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Greater Washington AFP

GWAFP Committees


Chairperson: Giselle Lloyd-Leeks


  • To maintain the current membership directory
  • Develop program initiatives to recruit and orient new members and retain membership.
Programs & Facilities

Chairperson: Cathy Haney


  • Select program topics and speakers for the Annual schedule
  • Work with speakers to coordinate dates, presentation topics, meeting locations, and other issues related to each meeting  

Chairperson: Lindsay Ragheb (Interim)


  • To maintain a record of tax and regulatory filing requirements
  • Reconcile Bank accounts and prepare monthly Treasurer's report  
  • Archive the Articles of Incorporation, by law changes, and maintain other legal and corporate documents
  • Administer risk-management areas  


Elections & By-Laws

Chairperson: Azalea Mackey


  • To solicit candidates to fill Board vacancies
  • Present proposed election slate to Board for approval

Chairperson: Christina Manning


  • Administer the CTP, CPE, and CAE records' requirements and accreditation status
  • Coordinate the scholarship programs 

For more information about the CTP Exam, go to 

Communications Committee

Chairperson: Bill Spinnell


  • To oversee website changes, issues, and updates and to collect and forward new job postings to the webmaster
  • To oversee and report to the GWAFP Board on the functionality and implementation of necessary changes and adjustments to be made to the website and within the database

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